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Allow me to introduce my delicate flying friend and her hungry worm-like offspring

Aphidolets aphidimyza

Aphidoletes adults are nocturnal, working at dusk. They can find single aphids from 200 feet away and lay their eggs either directly on the aphid and nearby. The larvae hatch from the egg within 24 hours and begin predation immediately, each killing 50-200 aphids per day. After 10 days, they fall to the ground to pupate, re-emerging in about 14 days. Each adult lives for 1-2weeks and can lay 150-250 eggs in this time.

If enough aphids are present, Aa will multiply 20 fold after two or three weeks spreading into adjacent plants and greenbelts. They hibernate as a pupa in the soil and are hardy for Canadian winters. 

The typical application rate is one 250 tray per hot spot (area under 2500 sq.m) for 2 consecutive weeks

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podisus nymph

Podisus Nymph

convergent lady beetle

Convergent Lady Beetle

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Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Predators have the best success when applied as one part of a complete IPM program. Integrated Pest Management involves using a combination of strategies to combat pests in horticulture.

Bugs with Benefits is a new company founded in 2016. We are looking forward to helping the home gardener discover a variety of natural solutions for a healthy balance in your garden.

Using Beneficials is not about eradication, it is about restoring balance.

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Please note: While Bugs with Benefits helps to provide our customers with effective pest management solutions, the multitude of variables inherent in plant propagation, as well as proper product handling and correct application processes, necessitates a general disclaimer: Bugs with Benefits cannot be held responsible for any type of control failure or plant loss as a result of using beneficial predator products for sale on this website.